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Sales Manager


1. Understanding the application industries related to the company’s equipment, developing new clients, and maintaining existing ones.
2. Managing all sales processes including equipment introduction, understanding client needs, formulating corresponding technical solutions, quotation, bidding, and contract negotiation, tracking equipment operation, and ensuring payment collection. Collaborating with related technology, business, R&D, after-sales, and other departments during each process.
3. Preparing client strategies, collecting client information, participating in exhibitions & generating forum reports, industry analysis reports, etc. as per company requirements.
4. Being responsible for business development of clients, achieving annual sales performance and payment collection targets. 2. Handling project bidding; must have successful project experience.
5. Visiting clients from time to time and maintaining relationships with clients.


1. Bachelor’s degree or above, with more than 3 years of experience in system engineering or large equipment sales.
2. Experience with practical large-scale project bidding cases is required, and those with experience in new energy, new materials, chemical, and food machinery sales are preferred. Priority will also be given to those with relevant industry connections.
3. For overseas positions, one of the working languages must be English, German, or Japanese.