Continuous High-efficiency Slurry Mixing System

The main equipment consists of a twin-screw extruder and an online disperser, enabling continuous slurry mixing. The continuous kneading disperser, compared to traditional batch slurry mixing methods, allows for entirely continuous, large-scale slurry mixing with a maximum capacity of up to 3,000-5,000L/h. By combining the advantages of high-viscosity kneading with a screw extruder and the high-shear benefits of an online disperser, this system further improves slurry efficiency, consistency, and reduces one-time investment and operational costs of the line as a whole.

Continuous Kneading Dispersion Process

Application Scenarios

Lithium-ion Battery Positive Electrode Slurry

Lithium-ion Battery Negative Electrode Slurry

CNTs Conductive Slurry

Separator Base Film Extrusion

Thermal Insulation Adhesive Mixing

Product Advantages:

  • The non-metallic threaded component design significantly reduces metal contamination
  • While the short screw design meets process requirements and lowers machine costs
  • Continuous kneading combined with efficient dispersion effectively prevents soft agglomerate formation
  • The screw casing uses lightweight alloy material for easier maintenance and a higher cost-performance ratio
  • The servo motor design with equal-power extruder allows for smaller, quieter equipment
  • An independently developed high-precision powder feeding system ensures accurate feeding, short delivery times, and low costs