Cyclic High-efficiency Slurry Mixing System

The Cyclic High-Efficiency Slurry Mixing System (Vorlenmix) streamlines powder/liquid pre-mixing and fine dispersion into a single machine, enabling rapid preparation of high-quality battery slurry. The system first disperses powder agglomerates into a fine, smoke-like state using the crushing head. Utilizing the vacuum generated by the Venturi effect, the powder is swiftly wetted by the centrifugal “liquidfall” and undergoes pre-mixing. The pre-mixed slurry then passes through the narrow gap between the rotor and stator, achieving high shear rate dispersion. With the high-flow circulation mode, the entire batch of materials undergoes multiple dispersions in a short period, resulting in the finished slurry.



Cost reduction

low cost


Low energy consumption

Maintenance cost reduction

Easy maintenance



Process Flow

Application Cases

High-efficiency Cyclic Slurry Mixing Example (based on a 100L cyclic slurry mixing machine)

Positive Electrode LFP

Slurry Mixing Time: 20 cycles <1h (>100L/h)
Slurry Solid Content: 60~66%
Finished Slurry Viscosity: 5000~12000 mPa·s
Slurry Fineness: <10 μm

Positive Electrode Ternary

Slurry Mixing Time: 15 cycles <45min (>133L/h)
Slurry Solid Content: 70~78%
Finished Slurry Viscosity: 5000~10000 mPa·s
Slurry Fineness: <25 μm

Anode Electrode Graphite

Slurry Mixing Time: 20 cycles <1h (>100L/h)
Slurry Solid Content: 50~58%
Finished Slurry Viscosity: 2000~5000 mPa·s
Slurry Fineness: <25 μm

Anode Electrode Silicon-Carbon

Slurry Mixing Time: 30 cycles <1.5h (>67L/h)
Slurry Solid Content: 40~50%
Finished Slurry Viscosity: 3000~6000 mPa·s
Slurry Fineness: <25 μm

Three Major Features

Faster Wetting
Powder is dispersed into a mist-like state and contacts rapidly flowing liquid
Better Dispersion
Using small-gap stator and rotor dispersion units to increase dispersion intensity
Shorter Dispersion Duration, Better Slurry Consistency
Using circulation method to ensure that all slurries are effectively dispersed with basically the same time

Application Range

Dispersion and slurry mixing of lithium-ion battery positive and negative electrode materials and various micro and nano materials, with high production efficiency and excellent dispersion quality

Ternary System
Lithium Iron Phosphate System
Silicon-Carbon System
Conductive Carbon
Graphite System
Sodium Battery
Conductive Adhesive
Product Model and Parameters (Specific parameters are subject to the final configuration)
Equipment ModelSSZJ-20SSZJ-100SSZJ-400SSZJ-800SSZJ-1200SSZJ-1600SSZJ-2000SSZJ-2500
Production Capacity0~20L/h0~100L/h0~400L/h0~800L/h0~1200L/h0~1600L/h0~2000L/h0~2500L/h
Corresponding Annual Capacity
(Lithium Iron System)
Installed Power30kW50kW100kW130kW240kW260kW320kW400kW
Floor Space
Ground Bearing Capacity800kg/m²800kg/m²1000kg/m²1200kg/m²1500kg/m²1500kg/m²1500kg/m²2000kg/m²