Double Driving Coating Machine

Application Scenarios

Widely used in new energy, coatings, cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, and other industries. The technology is especially suitable for surface coating modification of power lithium-ion battery cathode and anode materials, efficiently and uniformly coating active material particle surfaces, and significantly improving electrode material performance.

Product Features

  1. Coaxially configured high-speed paddle and low-speed anchor paddle feature a spiral mixing design, with a maximum filling amount of up to 70%;
  2. Low-speed anchor paddle includes a scraper, with an adjustable gap between the paddle and the tank wall, ensuring thorough powder mixing within the tank;
  3. Excellent coating effect, no damage to the main material particle surface, with the coating agent evenly dispersed and strongly bound to the main material surface;
  4. Optional medium temperature coating equipment, capable of achieving a coating process temperature range from room temperature to 200°C;
  5. Flexible equipment configuration and strong adaptability to new processes. For example, customized designs can accommodate higher process temperatures, and spray coating processes can be achieved through the customization of corresponding accessories.

Structural Principle

During the materials’ upward and downward movement, the opposite rotation direction and varying speed of the low-speed paddle and high-speed paddle generate strong convection mixing. Simultaneously, paddle stirring causes a speed difference between materials, enhancing the shearing and mixing effect, allowing for even dispersion and mixing in a short time.