Kneading High-efficiency Slurry Mixing System

This integrated design combines high-efficiency kneading with high-speed dispersion, employing a unique high-viscosity kneading and online dispersion process. This approach significantly enhances the solid content of positive and negative electrode slurry, dramatically reducing production costs of lithium battery and representing a crucial advancement in lithium battery slurry mixing technology.

Process Flow

Features and Working Principle

Significantly Improve Kneading Dilution Efficiency

The high-speed rotor generates the primary kneading force, while the low-speed paddle with an opposite rotation direction interacts to keep materials continuously working in the high-speed kneading zone. Kneading time is reduced to just 1/4-1/3 of that required by traditional mixers. The opposite rotation shearing mechanism also greatly enhances dilution efficiency compared with mixers.

Dead-Angle-Free Kneading Dilution

The low-speed paddle covers all material areas in the tank, ensuring full participation in kneading. An efficient spray system at the top cleans the agitating paddle and powder adhering to the tank cover, accurately maintaining the slurry formulation ratio.

Reliable and Simple Structure

Compared to traditional stirring and kneading processes, this design is simplified, easy to maintain, and has low usage costs.

Real Cases

Product Models and Specifications

Laboratory Type
Effective Volume 18L
Small/Medium Test Type
Effective Volume 100L
Mass Production Type
Effective Volume 300-1500L

The system can be flexibly configured to accommodate on-site production conditions, facilitating efficient preparation of high-viscosity slurry.

Main materials are directly fed into the kneading machine through the ton-bag machine, while auxiliary materials are introduced via gravity feeding or pneumatic conveying. The kneading machine completes the mixing, kneading, and dilution processes. The diluted slurry then enters the online disperser for further dispersion, ensuring uniform and effective dispersion that meets customer requirements.

Application Cases

Case 1: Lithium Iron Phosphate High Solid Content Slurry MixingCase 2: Lithium Manganese Oxide + Lithium Iron Manganese Phosphate Slurry Mixing
Kneading Solid Content76%75%
Kneading Line Speed (m/s)1-101-10
Dispersion Solid Content66%62%
Dispersion Line Speed (m/s)1818
Slurry Mixing ProcessHigh Viscosity Kneading+High Shear DispersionHigh Viscosity Kneading+High Shear Dispersion
Slurry Mixing ProcessPowder Feeding Time (min)55+10 (Mixing)
Kneading Time (min)5060
Dilution Time (min)1515
Circulation Time (min)2030
Total Time (min)90120
Slurry StateFinished Product Solid Content66%62%
Finished Product Viscosity (cP, 30rpm)94833587
Finished Product Fineness<10μm/1.52μm(D50)<30μm/13.2μm(D50)