Thin Film High-Speed Disperser

Application Scenarios

Suitable for new energy, coatings, cosmetics, food, LED coatings, flexible printed circuit board manufacturing, and other industries. Particularly effective for the dispersion and slurry mixing of lithium-ion battery positive and negative electrode materials and various nanomaterials (such as nano-alumina, lithium titanate, nano-conductive carbon black, VGCF, and carbon nanotubes), offering high dispersion efficiency and excellent dispersion quality.

Product Features

  1. Simple and user-friendly operation interface.
  2. Fully enclosed dispersion process eliminates environmental moisture and dust impact on slurry dispersion.
  3. Real-time monitoring of dispersed slurry temperature and equipment operation status.
  4. Sanitary SUS304 stainless steel piping for visually appealing and easy-to-clean equipment layout.
  5. Unique high-speed dispersion wheel structure for more uniform dispersion and higher production efficiency.
  6. Original water-cooled jacket structure for low-temperature dispersion.
  7. Imported electrical components for stable and durable equipment operation.
  8. Water-cooled high-frequency spindle motor, co-developed by Shangshui and an Italian professional motor research company, manufactured in China for reliable motor quality.

Structural Principle

Slurry enters the dispersion barrel and forms a slurry ring due to the high-speed rotation of the dispersion wheel and baffle action. Centrifugal force from the dispersion wheel detaches the slurry from the wheel’s outer wall, causing it to collide at high speed with the barrel wall and creating a vacuum on the wheel wall surface. In this way, the slurry inside the dispersing wheel will pass through the dispersion hole on the dispersion wheel under vacuum. This process of suction, ejection, collision, and re-suction repeats multiple times, serving as the key mechanism for rapid slurry dispersion in high-speed dispersion machines.