Top-Driven Screw-Type Powder Mixer

Application Scenarios

Catering to diverse material mixing needs across various industries.

Primarily used in new energy, ink, food, cosmetics, ceramics, liquid crystal displays, and other sectors.

Product Features

  1. Wear-resistant coating on the screw and barrel wall prevents metal impurity pollution.
  2. Bottom cone apex angle designed according to material flow characteristics, preventing material accumulation and wall adhesion.
  3. Discharge valve located at the tank bottom’s horizontal position for rapid emptying, minimal residue, and no dead mixing angles, as the valve core is consistent with the wall profile line of the tank.
  4. Mixing impeller shape adaptable to material type for optimal mixing results.
  5. Exhaust port equipped with a filter back-blowing structure to prevent filter element clogging.
  6. Easy to clean and maintain.
  7. PLC control and touchscreen operation enable fully automatic control.

Structural Principle

Powder materials rise along the tank’s inner wall under the spiral impeller’s action, reaching a certain height before descending at the tank’s center, achieving a uniformly mixed macro effect. With optional side-arm high-speed mixing impellers, the high-speed paddle drives the surrounding materials, leading to the generation of speed among between the materials, enhancing shear mixing effect, and achieving uniform mixing in a short time.